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Our Mission

After acquiring many years of experience working in tailoring and both men and women’s fashion, we decided to take the daunting but exciting decision to establish our own company. The years spent working on men’s military uniforms allowed us to perfect our skills, and now we are proud to be able to offer our customers clothing alterations, made-to-measure services, and manufacturing solutions. Since the launch of Oh-Sew-Whitty, our company has flourished, and we believe the reason for our success is because ofour dedication to providing unrivalled clothing solutions and excellent customer service.

As a customer-driven company, we are passionate about clothing, and we firmly believe that every person can have perfectly fitted clothing that complements their appearance. Furthermore, throughout working in the fashion industry, we have found that people are wearing ill-fitting clothing due to society’s focus on clothing sizes. Moreover, clothing sizes can greatly differ between shops, causing disparities in how garments fit. You may be a perfect size 14, but other people considered to be the same size 14 may not match the same body shape as yourself. Therefore, to combat this problem, we provide a complete alteration service to help people like you to feel confident in clothes.

We are a proficient team who are committed to delivering quality clothing services at the most competitive prices, and we regularly go the extra mile to achieve this.

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